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A Virtual Conference: Devex World 2020

Architex produces an 8-hour broadcast with live and prerecorded elements, streamed into a custom-built platform for talent, attendee, and sponsor interaction.


Architex has designed and implemented Devex’s bi-annual conference in years past, and this past year (2020) produced the 8-hour, 1,000 attendee event virtually, bringing together a community of global development professionals despite pandemic restrictions. This complex event included both live and pre-recorded video segments, top-notch graphic and video design, a fully interactive online platform and around-the-clock support for the Devex team and their attendees. Devex reported that this was their most successful virtual event all year with over-the-moon sponsor feedback and a record number of engagements between attendees, speakers and sponsors on the interactive platform.


Devex, the media platform for the global development community, has used Architex’s service for several years for technical event design and management of their live and virtual events. Devex’s bi-annual conference, Devex World, is typically a full-day event held in person in Washington, DC. Architex was the technical team for what would be the in-person event in Spring of 2020, and remained a part of the team to transition the event to virtual and execute the full production.


  • Designed, facilitated, and operated pre-event record sessions between houses and studios internationally.

  • Seven back-to-back live sessions for a 10-hour broadcast duration, each including multiple live and pre-edited segments.

  • ArchiteX event operation team size: 11

  • An interactive, customized online platform for attendees, speakers, and staff, including exclusive breakout rooms, networking, video chats among attendees, technical support, and broadcast hosting - both live and on-demand.

  • Simultaneous live stream of select sessions on social media platforms.

  • Dedicated support for live staff and talent.

  • Dedicated support for attendees.

  • Backstage comms to support the 100% remote staff and crew.


  • Last minute switch to virtual while monitoring the pandemic throughout the year.

  • Devex came to Architex earlier in the year to begin designing what they thought would be an in-person event. When it was clear this would not be possible, Architex was there to guide them through the decision-making progress using their virtual event expertise. When the decision was made to switch to a virtual format, Architex seamlessly translated any previous work on the event to their virtual template.

  • Coordination with many high-level speakers for pre-recorded sessions.

  • Set clear schedules as soon as possible and were available to support speaker teams through every step of the process.

  • Delivering studio-grade recordings from speakers and hosts homes.

  • Sent our Studio-in-a-box to speakers who needed additional or upgraded video and audio equipment, including step-by-step guides on how to use, and set up, the equipment.

  • Facilitated connectivity tests and trainings for domestic and international guests, ranging from home office to television studios, including custom-building a covid-safe in-home studio.


Client was thrilled with the product. Sponsors were happy. Record level engagement on platform. High-level video production and design were highlighted by client.

More information about Devex can be found at


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