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Live Events & Broadcast 
What We Offer

Live Event Competencies

Technical Design & Management

  • Audio, Lighting, and Video system design

  • Drafting and 3D renderings

  • Signal Flow Diagrams

  • On-site implementation and vendor management

Show Management

Logistings & Show Paperwork

  • Cue Sheet development

  •  Production Schedules

  •  Audio I/O charts and mic grids

  •  Video I/O charts and preset lists

  • See Samples

Site Management

  • Power Distribution

  • Site Infrastructure design and management

  • etc.

At Architex our background and passion is in live events.  We have decades of experience on our core team from a variety of backgrounds including corporate and non-profit conferences, music and idea festivals, Broadway and other theatrical performances, and venue management. All of our staff has a background in creative technology, which we leverage to facilitate the translation of creative and programmatic design into clear technical documentation that takes the guesswork out of on-site implementation. We have worked on events at a wide range of scales and budgets - from single room non-profit advocacy meetings to multi-venue festivals.  We strive to design each event according to our client’s specific needs and budget. 

Virtual Event Competencies

  • Industry-leading broadcast technology consulting and implementation

  • White-labeled communication with clients (if desired)

  • Virtual broadcast production

    • vMix session creation, prep and execution

    • Set up and test remote contributors using vMix Call, Zoom ingest, and  SRT connections

    • Epiphan pearl hardware management for streaming from onsite


  • Pre-record management and execution

    • Riverside platform use for isolated recordings

    • Talent preparation and coaching

    • Video editing

  • Remote maintenance for broadcast machines

We offer virtual and hybrid broadcast production, including vMix session prep, creation and execution, setting up and testing remote connections through a variety of communication protocols, and managing hardware for streaming onsite. Alongside remotely maintaining broadcast machines, we conduct ongoing research into new broadcast technology as part of our core work and make recommendations based on new developments in the industry. This includes recommending and implementing hardware SRT encoders, which allow us to produce the broadcast portion of events remotely by receiving multiple feeds from onsite and adding graphics and other assets. Alongside communicating with onsite teams to provide virtual offerings of in-person events, Architex also provides pre-recording services, using the Riverside platform for isolated recordings and our team’s expertise in talent coaching and video editing. 

👀  Discovery phase


Event estimation

Agenda planning

Production planning


Event estimation

Agenda planning

Production planning

🎬  Pre-production


Talent acquisition






every step

of the way

🚀  Implemention

Video switchers

Platform management

Ready, set, go!

Hybrid/Digital Workflows

Remote Broadcast Routing.jpeg

Remote broadcast workflow using hardware SRT encoders on-site

In the workflow example above, Architex receives multiple feeds from the on-site production team with embedded audio, which are sent via SRT encoders for fault tolerant transmission in low bandwidth environments. Our team receives these feeds at one of our remote studios and switches an independent broadcast feed, adding in additional graphics, captions, and other branding assets. This can be achieved simply by in-taking a switched camera and graphics/playback feed or scaled up by transmitting inputs from each isolated source, allowing our team to switch cameras and graphics independently from the in-room switch. 

3x Sound Stage Flow.jpeg

Multi-site event workflow, using hardware SRT encoders

We also design multi-site workflow, which connect multiple in-person event sites via a centralized remote video studio. In this design, which builds on the design above, the central production studio receives a switched camera and graphics/playback feed from each site via SRT encoders, and returns a feed to the in-person production team at each location to be used as either a presenter return or independent feed to be used in the on-site production. This workflow can be used to connect isolated sound-stages for high level production remote guest contribution or independent event sites with local audiences and can also include fully remote talent. We then send a full switched broadcast feed to the CDN or event platform of your choice, including graphics, video playback, other branding assets, and captions.

Remote Zoom-Switched Program Overview.jpeg

Zoom mediated remote production workflow

We design custom workflows for talent intake and broadcast output according to each client’s needs. The above diagram is a workflow designed with the constraints of in-taking talent from a Zoom meeting and outputting the switched broadcast to an event platform. We utilize a variety of tools (including vMix Call, SRT feeds, Zoom ingest, and others) to in-take remote talent based on a balance between accessibility, cost, and quality. We also work with talent to ensure that they are comfortable on screen and that their video feed, lighting, and audio are optimal for their equipment and location.


Remote Support


We also work with clients and production partners to remotely support in the management and implementation of hardware video encoders, streaming PCs, and other digital and hybrid broadcast infrastructure. We use cloud based management platforms, like Epiphan Cloud, and remote access tools that allow our team to remotely control and manage settings for on-site hardware, removing the need for additional travel and lodging costs related to the broadcast portion of events.


Platform Management


At Architex we are platform agnostic, and analyze each event to recommend a virtual or hybrid platform that will work best for that event’s needs and budget. This ranges from large scale platforms involving networking and gamification, such as Hubilo and HopIn, to smaller custom tailored platforms like IBM Media, ViTo, SpatialChat, Registrix and more. For any platform, we spec out the graphics needed to customize the event, and can design those platform graphics to fit within a style guide and use existing marketing elements, or pass that spec list along to an external graphic designer and intake media. We provide full service virtual platform and app programming, providing spreadsheets for our clients to fill out with all the information needed for each area of the platform, and employ a platform manager to oversee the process, manage registration, and a thorough review and revision process. 


Accessibility Management


We often provide accessibility integrations to allow for further reach for a program, be that through captioning, languages, or other tools. We partner with a live stenography company to contract live stenographers that provide ADA standard captioning services in multiple languages. We also work with various AI captioning programs to provide lower cost captioning services as requested. Many programs have needs for translation into additional languages, and we work with various platforms to arrange closed captions and audio translations.


Additional Offerings


Architex also currently provides the following services, which we are happy to offer as standalone services for any project



Cue sheets


Technical Manifests

Routing & Preset Grids

Asset Management

Media Creation

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Motion Graphics

Audio Editing


How-To Videos

Event Logistics

Remote Broadcasts

Platform Management


Technical Support


Talent Prep

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