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Virtual Events

High-caliber shows connecting
communities everywhere from anywhere

Platform Managment280.png

Platform Management

From meeting room platforms like Zoom, to full-scale event platforms like Huiblo, we will help choose, design, and manage the platform(s) that are right for your event. 

Cue and Talent Management 280.png

Cue & Talent Management

We design cueing scripts in pre-production, call cues on-site, prep and manage talent on stage to keep your event running smoothly.

Technical Design280.png

Technical Design

A-Z design of your virtual event from broadcast, platform, graphics, tech support, workflows, systems and execution.

Advanced Talent.png

Advanced Broadcasting

With behind-the-scenes communication systems and state of the art remote video switching capability, we can create a studio broadcast to showcase your message.

Virtual Events


  • Engagement growth

  • Sponsor interactivity

  • Immersive networking

  • Global reach

  • Budget friendly

👀  Discovery phase


Event estimation

Agenda planning

Production planning


Event estimation

Agenda planning

Production planning

🎬  Pre-production


Talent acquisition






every step

of the way

🚀  Implemention

Video switchers

Platform management

Ready, set, go!

🎬  Pre-production

Visual design


Technical renderings

Vendor management

👀  Discovery phase

Milestone schedules

Asset lists

Cue sheets

Event estimation

🚀  Implemention

Signal routing


Cue and stage management

Standby, 3...2...1... Go!

every step
of the way


Architex in Action

Working with Architex was one of the best choices we made in planning our conference especially in our pivot from in person to online due to COVID19. The Architex team produced incredible content and plenary sessions and handled everything we needed from video creation to graphics to coordinating with speakers. Working with them was professional, smooth and stress free. We are so grateful for their help and could not have pulled our conference off so successfully without their help!

Adina Alpert 

Conference Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure exactly what I need, can Architex still help?


Yes - that’s exactly what we’re here for!

Tell us what your “knowns” are then we’ll approach finding out the “unknowns” accordingly. The first phase of our projects are always a discovery phase, where we go through a rigorous step-by-step process to identify and flesh out each detail so we can get all teams aligned right out of the gate.

Do I need to hire Architex for all aspects of my event’s production; the in person elements and the remote elements, broadcast production and platform management?

Not at all! Every production plan is custom built. Some events require an overarching production umbrella to oversee all elements while others require a more compartmentalized style. Architex has vast experience being a part of teams with varying needs, and we can tailor our approach to best fit your needs, whether that is overseeing an entire production or acting as one department within a bigger frame. 

My event used to be in person, then it turned virtual, I want the best of both worlds, do I need to double my budget? 

We can adjust event plans to go virtual, hybrid or scale up in person as needed. We design adaptable production plans with key decision-making points to keep within budget in the ever changing world, keeping public health and safety in mind and building in backup plans as part of our adaptive leadership practice. 

I’m working on a budget, should I still hire a production management company? 

Using a production management company will give you the power of a team that knows the systems inside and out, that’s been there before and can make economical recommendations - or sometimes more importantly: where to cut back, and when not to use the cheapest option. It’s the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Our team uses our extensive expertise in live events to maximize efficiency without missing any details. 

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