our process:

a three phase system

Thank you for your interest in ArchiteX’s technical design and management for virtual events. Below is an explanation of our three-phase system designed to efficiently execute your event at the highest level.

phase 1: Discovery

We'll enter into a contract for this first phase where we will work with you to understand the scope of the project, and deliver a detailed estimate.  We hope that through discovery we will find a project scope that meets your requirements and your budget, but you are not obligated to work with us beyond Discovery.

We’ll begin by building out our master workbook, which provides the foundation of the planning process and helps us identify your needs. While things may still change after this initial step, the Discovery deliverables will contain:

  • Day of show staffing plan

  • Cue sheet

  • Graphical asset list

  • Technical equipment list by location

  • Pre-production milestone schedule

  • Day-of-event production schedule

  • Estimate for event design, plan, and implementation

phase 2: Pre-production

We start Phase 2 by sending a modified statement of work based on the event estimate from Phase 1  so we can start hashing out all the details: equipment and labor sourcing, graphics creation, programming, advancing, etc.  We create the motion graphics and titles, program the video switchers, advance with the talent and run the rehearsals.

phase 3: implementation

Phase 3 happens on the day(s) of the event. We'll have the previously identified and approved staff, often comprising some combination of the following roles:

  • Director/Producer

    • Main point of contact, overall supervisor, creative director

  • Show Caller

    • Maintaining order of assets and programmatic cues

  • Video Director

    • Operator of the video switching system

  • Meeting Technician/Production Coordinator

    • Tech support and/or operation of breakout rooms or meetings

    • Graphics/Playback Operator

kickoff questions

These questions help ensure we cover all topics relevant to your event:

Click here to answer these questions.

  • What are the general goals of the event?

  • What does the initial event schedule look like? (i.e. Session block information and timing)​

  • What are the initial show flows for each produced session?

    • This can be as detailed as a minute-by-minute script or as a basic as a general bulleted list. However you are able to convey the current expected elements of each session is acceptable.

  • What are the basic desires of live vs. pre-recorded elements?

    • For example, “Two panel discussions will need to be pre-recorded by ArchiteX, and one keynote speech video will be delivered to you for playback.”

  • Will most graphical and video elements will be created by the ArchiteX team or by your team?

    • Any style guides including colors, fonts, design notes, etc. are also helpful.

  • What are the basic desires for in-person production? (If applicable.)

    • For example

      • A main stage in front of a live audience

      • A camera crew needed to amplify production in an office or living room, etc.

  • Do you have platform preferences? (YouTube Live, Hopin, Zoom, Twitch, IBM Cloud Video, vFairs, etc.)

  • If you don't have a platform preference, what are your platform-related needs?​

    • Exhibitor booths

    • "File briefcases"

    • Q&A

    • Polling

    • Closed captioning, etc.

  • Any other important notes that may be helpful?