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Our Process

A Three-Phase System

Our system is designed to efficiently execute
your event at the highest level.

👀  Discovery

Milestone schedules

Asset lists

Cue sheets

Event estimation

🎬  Pre-production

Visual design


Video editing

Equipment programming

Platform management

🚀  Implemention

Remote rehearsals

Signal routing

Cue and stage management

Standby, 3...2...1... Go!

Phase 1


The discovery phase consists of the first steps of work required pre-event regardless; and, when utilized independently, will produce a much more accurate estimate and execution plan for the rest of the event's production timeline.


We hope that through discovery we will find a project scope that meets your requirements and your budget, but you are not obligated to work with us beyond Discovery.

During this first phase we will work with you to understand the scope of the project, educate ourselves about your event and your needs, and educate your team about the process of planning and implementing a virtual event. At the end of this phase we will deliver a detailed estimate along with an in-depth logistics packet detailing the entire plan.

We’ll begin by building out our master workbook, which provides the foundation of the planning process and helps us identify your needs. While things may still change after this initial step, the Discovery deliverables will contain:


Day-of-show staffing plan


Cue Sheet


Graphical Asset List


Technical equipment list by location


Pre-Production Milestone Schedule


Day-Of-Event Production Schedule


Estimate for Event Design, Plan & Implementation

Phase 2


We start Phase 2 by sending a modified statement of work based on the event estimate from Phase 1  so we can start hashing out all the details: equipment and labor sourcing, graphics creation, programming, advancing, etc.  We create the motion graphics and titles, program the video switchers, set up the platforms, advance with the talent, and run the rehearsals.

Phase 3


Phase 3 happens on the day(s) of the event. We'll have the previously identified and approved staff, often comprising some combination of the following roles:


  • Director/Producer

    • Main point of contact, overall supervisor, creative director

  • Show Caller

    • Maintaining order of assets and programmatic cues

  • Video Director

    • Operator of the video switching system

  • Meeting Technician/Production Coordinator

    • Tech support and/or operation of breakout rooms or meetings

    • Graphics/Playback Operator

Why Architex?

What sets us apart?

We believe in creating community and event successes through unique and unifying experiences by utilizing operational and technical excellence.

Architex is a technical design and management company. We can span the gamut of event involvement, from designing and producing every technical aspect of the program to managing a team of staff, contractors, vendors, and talent to create and execute a cohesive event plan. Internally, we have a team of production managers with extensive experience in government work, corporate events, entertainment, theater and non-profit work.


We are constantly exploring, learning and investing in new technologies to be on the forefront of digital and hybrid event production. We employ a stable of skilled designers in scenic, lighting, graphics and video. In addition to our strong internal team, we are not in a silo - we work constantly with other teams to make the vision of the event a reality. While we price competitively, we are not competitively minded- we’ll work together with whoever is best for the job to create the best possible experience.


With a focus on pre-production and information dissemination, from the very beginning of the project we craft a comprehensive packet of information that all crew, staff, and leadership can reference throughout the process (in pre-production and on-site). We prioritize thorough pre-production communication with all parties involved, paired with clear written directives for all team members, bringing all parties together as a unified team.


Our team is passionate about putting our skills to work for ‘digital events for good’ - and so we prioritize working with nonprofits and mission-driven organizations by providing fair, transparent pricing and creative budgeting solutions for budgets of all sizes.

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