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Take the hassle out of technical production. 

Bring trusted design to your event's tech and program.


Even amongst global health challenges and changing budgets,
you can still keep engagement and quality high.



Put us to work for you today!


You have a tough time finding trusted partners to delegate important pre-production tasks.  Your vendors don’t always speak your language and you need your vision translated into technical execution.  We can help you plan for most contingencies, avoiding costly oversights, making execution less challenging for on-site crews.


You are seasoned experts in all things production, but you can only be in so many places at once.  You have trouble finding reliable, consistent, and fast-working producers and designers to support you.  We are your stable of workhorses with the expertise to take on major elements of your events and create airtight plans that will ensure you get the gig again next year.


You want to focus on your core capabilities - providing gear, labor, and on-site execution.  You’re constantly looking for high quality execution plans to make your life easier on-site, and before/after load-in and build out.  You need producers and designers who see the 10,000 ft view as well as the granular details, and work directly with your client so you can focus on your core duties


ArchiteX is your technical planning and design service that takes care of pre-production so you can focus on the rest.

Our design and planning services encourage early action, save money, and streamline the process

Our formats and layouts are easily understood by on-site teams, reduce guesswork and provide better accountability to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

We bring you the best talent, freeing you up to focus on your core business. You no longer need to track them down, manage their schedules, or try to bring them in-house.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality production designs, and foolproof planning for your smooth event.