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This document is intended for clients who intend to deliver us the graphics package to be used for either editing or live broadcasting, rather than having our team create these elements. If the Architex team is designing and creating these elements, this can be ignored.

Please don’t let this document intimidate you, it’s here to help. It goes into detail on file formats and the ideal way to deliver graphics to us in the most efficient manner in the case that you are creating all of the graphical assets.

We are also here to help. Any of these elements can be created by our staff instead of yours, and we can intake almost any format or codec and convert them to what’s needed.

And of course, not all the assets are needed if you don’t want them. This is just a recommended list. In the other direction, of course, the laws of creativity state that the sky's the limit, so if you have ideas or desires outside of what’s discussed, let us know. We love those kinds of questions!

  • Visual identity assets (for example)

    • Brand style guide

    • Logo files

    • Color selection

    • Font files

    • Example images, videos, publications, etc, so we can get a feel for your brand

  • Full screen Background

    • File Formats

      • Preferred filetype: *.png

      • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9

      • Preferred resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)

      • graphic will serve as background for most broadcast screens

  • Full screen graphics

    • File formats

      • Preferred filetype: *.png

      • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9

      • Preferred resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)

    • Stillstore logo image

    • “We seem to have run into a technical glitch. Please stand by.”

    • Single graphic or groups of images to display during presentations

    • Examples:

An example of a logo stillstore for broadcast

Screen bugs

  • File formats

    • Preferred filetype: *.png with each bug graphic isolated on a transparent background

    • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9

    • Preferred resolution: 1080p (1920x1080) with bugs sized and in position

  • Logo Bug

    • Logo in Lower Right Corner, base should sit at about 1025 pixels on the Y axis, and the right edge should sit at about 1824 pixels on the X axis

    • Logo height approx. 80 pixels

  • Text Bugs

    • i.e. an event hashtag or call to action

    • In Lower Left Corner, left edge should sit at about 96 pixels on the X access, and be visually centered with the logo Bug on the Y axis

Example of both Logo and Text bugs, displayed here over a background for context:

Note: this example shows both left and right bugs superimposed over a background, the way they will typically be displayed in a background. However, each bug should be isolated to it's own .png file over transparency:

  • PowerPoint Decks

    • File formats

      • Preferred filetype: *.pptx

      • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9

    • Example Assets

      • Pre-show graphics loop

      • Speaker slide deck

  • Titles (Lower Thirds)

    • File formats

      • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9

        • Note: please deliver full 1920x1080 image with titles sized and in position

      • Preferred filetype: *.psd

      • Layer setup is important for our conversion. We can manipulate as needed, but for the most efficient delivery, please have no more than ONE layer of subfolders in the layer structure, and simplify to as few layer groups as possible. Contact us with any questions.

      • Please deliver in two methods:

        • Image PSDs with example text layer(s)

        • Spreadsheet with text to be displayed

          • If we’ve already shared with you a Google Sheet, please use that one.

          • Each TAB in the spreadsheet is a different format (2-shot, 4 shot, ticker, etc.)

          • Each ROW in the sheet is a unique set of text to be displayed

          • An example template can be downloaded or copied here

    • Names & Titles

      • Full Screen Name & Title

  • 1-shot frame name & title (or just name) on background

  • 2-shot frame name & title (or just name)

  • 3-shot name & title (or just name)

  • PIP, 1 speaker name and title, with feed for slides

  • Ribbon

    • Text reinforcement, such as URLs, names to refer to, etc.

  • Videos

    • File formats

      • Preferred filetype: *.mp4

      • Preferred codec: H.264

      • Preferred aspect ratio: 16:9

      • Preferred resolution: 1080p (1920x1080)

    • Example assets

      • “Starting soon” motion graphic

      • Intro videos

      • Outro video

      • Pre-recorded segment videos

      • Interstitials / Stingers

        • These can have audio or be silent, whichever you prefer.

        • Advanced: these can have transparency built in if desired. Please contact us to discuss specifics if going this route.

Let us help!

If you need assistance creating, or editing any of these assets, we have graphic designers, video designers, and 3D motion graphics designers ready to create for you!


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