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Recording Yourself

Here are some how-to guides for recording your own audio, video and - if needed - your screen as well. These instruction will help you if you are PRE-recording a segment, and then sending that segment to the production team to "press play" on in the broadcast later, not for broadcasting live during a show.

Be sure to check out our Presenter Resources to learn about optimizing your audio, lighting and video. You can always upgrade with a Studio In A Box.

Below these tips, you will be able to choose your method to find step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do next.

A couple of quick tips before diving into the step-by-step instructions:


At a basic level, think about the framing and composition of your camera shot.

  • Keep your camera lens height equal to your eye level.

    • Too low: chin shot

    • Too high: small perspective

    • Look your audience "in the eye" to interact personally

  • Placement

    • Place your head in the upper two thirds of the screen

    • Don't cut off the top of your head. (You should have about 3 fingers of space above your head in the shot.)

    • The shot should include your head and shoulders.

If desired, learn more about advanced video-specific information here.


Make sure that your face is brighter than your background. This can be accomplished by moving your camera position to ensure that a majority of the light is in front of your face. Consider taking advantage of natural light by setting your laptop in front of or next to a window or sitting where the light from a ceiling or floor lamp shines on you.

If desired, learn more about advanced lighting-specific information here.


Having headphones or ear buds is one of the most important thing you can do on a recording with 2-way communication, so your microphone isn't picking up the sound coming out of your speakers.

If desired, learn more about advanced audio-specific information here.


There are two main categories of how to record yourself. Click the link of your choice:


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