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A Co-Produced Hybrid Event - Global Inclusive Growth Summit

Architex produces the Global Inclusive Growth Summit, a co-production between Aspen Institute and Mastercard, alongside media partner Devex.

Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and the Aspen Institute co-produced the Global Inclusive Growth Summit at Studio Theatre this spring, with media partner Devex. Concurrent with the World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, DC, the Summit assembled a dynamic group of global leaders for action-oriented discussions on national and international issues. The Summit included high profile keynote talks, expert panel discussions, breakouts and pop-up exhibitions for both online and in-person audiences over the four-day event.

Architex designed the technical aspects of the event to bring together the in-person and international audience around a high quality studio and broadcast experience, as well as providing B-roll capture and producing the highlight reel for post-event content.


  • When working with many different organizations with varied goals and stakeholders, utilize a robust pre-production process that elicits feedback from all stakeholders at a regular basis

  • Use existing infrastructure of the space as much as possible, while being realistic about existing capabilities.

  • Utilize site visits to get a realistic idea of space limitations and employ 2D and 3D drafting to visualize design options

  • Consider accessibility throughout the design process for both speakers & attendees

  • Staff technical management for both individual spaces and overall management to field onsite requests and to distribute information

  • Consider the best content for filming for post-event content for the continuity of the event long-term


Technical Specifications

As always, we began with technical design. We started with site visits to the Studio Theatre space to analyze the technical capabilities and determine what would be best to utilize and what would be best to supplement, while working within budget limitations.

For the main stage space we opted to utilize the in-house lighting system while supplementing additional audio, video and live streaming equipment into the space. One of the main challenges was space utilization, trying to configure the space to allow for all the technical needs for the program while also providing enough space backstage for accessible VIP speaker entrances and exits. It looks roomier on paper than in real life - every inch mattered.

We analyzed the secondary stage and four breakout spaces, along with pop up locations, and determined the best areas to supplement gear and included these packages within the RFP, as well as presenting large and small budget packages as options throughout the pre-production process.

Content Creation

We worked hand in hand with the Mastercard and Aspen Institute teams to create still and motion graphics for the event. We combined graphics from Mastercard with brand identity from the Aspen Institute team to create a cohesive visual identity.

The videography team worked with our production managers and the teams from Mastercard and Aspen Institute to set a shot list and interview schedule throughout the event. They then filmed roaming B-roll footage and interviews onsite throughout the two days of event programming. They combined this footage with the isolated feeds from the stage cameras from the main program content to produce the event’s highlight reel. Post event, we had a rigorous revision process with multiple iterations, taking in feedback from multiple stakeholders from both organizations, before finalizing the post-event highlight reel.


Throughout the event, it was important to all stakeholders for the event to be accessible across the board - for the virtual attendees, in-person attendees, and the speakers.

For the virtual attendees, we brought in our team of stenographers who ensure English captioning that meets ADA accessibility, who sent captioned streams to Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter.

For in-person attendees, the space itself was already accessible, with elevators and wheelchair lifts for audience seating. However, the stages were not inherently accessible, so we advanced ramps to be built backstage for VIP entrances and exits, and removed doors where necessary to ensure wheelchair access.

Implementing & Staffing

Architex provided production management and stage management to coordinate the in-house technical team, technical vendors, and and the event management team. We had full stage management teams in each venue along with venue wide production management and technical direction teams roving to respond to needs in real time and monitoring the online event and providing support to the event managers from the Aspen Institute, Devex and Mastercard teams.


“You [Architex] have all been so incredible, and thorough, and smart, and guiding us through all this. When I think about the alternative of not partnering with you... I'm just so thankful we went with Architex!” Events & Conference Producer, Aspen Institute
“Just echoing everyone’s feedback – [the highlight reel] came out great! And it was wonderful to work with you and [the videographer]! Director of Content, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

For more information on the Global Inclusive Growth Summit, see


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