There are many ways to get your message out. Regardless of what methods or platforms you use, we suggest planning in a pre-production phase before going live.


We create a variety of pre-production deliverables so everyone knows what's coming.

Keep everyone in the loop: talent, crew, audience, and funders, with various pre-production elements:


We create a day of show staffing plan so we know who is responsible for what, when, and where. You'll know who to contact and how for any need.


Every location may have different needs. Audio lighting and video elements are coordinated by location and by provider under a managed budget.


Every change on screen is thought out, written, and rehearsed. This starts from a general agenda and gets broken down step by step to every detail.


We break down our schedules by location, by team, and even by person if needed. Proper information dissemination is critical to individual and team success.


Graphic elements are a big way to add to a pro-level broadcast. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They could come from your design department, or ours.​


Everything can be controlled from a "virtual video switcher", located anywhere!


Picture in picture control paired with a call-in feature allows for multiple simultaneous presenters to call in directly from their web browser!


And there are lots of ways to think of all of the various elements you'd like. ​

For now, let's split them into two categories:


Keynote speeches


Answering audience Q&A



1. Live elements


All of the live elements can be recorded and played back for a live webcast. 

Graphics and video rolls should be created during pre-production.

Of course, all broadcasts can be recorded and made available after the broadcast ends for later viewing!

2. recorded elements