Recording Yourself

on a Mac


Here are some tips for recording your own webcam and/or screen. This would be for PRE-recording a segment, and then uploading that file, not for going live in the moment.

Be sure to check out our Presenter Resources to learn about optimizing your audio, lighting and video. You can always upgrade with a Studio In A Box.



1) Open the ‘Quicktime’ App. This can be done by finding it in your application bar or by pressing Shift+Space and typing in ‘Quicktime’. Once open, begin a new recording by selecting ‘New Movie Recording’ from the ‘File’ drop-down menu.


2) Select your camera and microphone source by right clicking on the record icon (red circle). Ensure that the recording quality is set to high.


3) To begin recording, press the record icon once. When you have finished your content, press this icon again to stop recording.


4) To save your recording, navigate to the ‘File’ drop-down menu and select ‘Save’ or press ⌘S. Select the destination to save to from the popup menu.