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Show Callers

Rachael Albert

Rachael brings to Architex a career in theatrical stage management ranging from regional theatre to Broadway and everything in between.

David Anderson

David has been working in technical production since 2013. Having worked in varied roles throughout the industry, he leverages his wide-ranging knowledge to build robust designs for each individual client

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson (she/her/SJ) is a highly accomplished and multi-talented media professional with 25 years of industry experience.

Amy Luce

Amy is an AEA stage manager, and performer, with a particular passion for musical theater. 

Kasson Marroquin

Kasson is a NYC-based stage manager, show-caller, and deck manager from Austin and Dallas, TX. 

Kevin Rabinovich

For over a decade, Kevin has contributed to hundreds of live events, from 24-hour broadcasts and fashion shows to political rallies and household-name awards shows.

Matthew Stern

Matt brings over twenty years of experience on Broadway to the events both large and small. 

Kurt Ubersax

Kurt Ubersax has been working in feature film, television, and live event production for over 30 years. In his capacities, Kurt supervises aspects of concept, budgeting, and implementing creative content, including live and filmed show direction.

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