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Freelancers - Various Roles

Onsite work, travel, and/or remote work from home

Time Period

Variable by opportunity

Time Commitment

Variable, usually 1-7 days per job and varying levels of pre-production hours
Travel usually required, though remote positions often needed
** Events are often in the Washington DC Area

Hours: Usually 10 hour minimums for onsite work. Standard overtime rates.


Variable by position

About the Role

Frequently Available Roles

  • Producer

  • Technical Director

  • Showcaller

  • Video Director

  • Videographer

  • Video Editor

  • Graphics Op

  • Graphic Designer

  • Audio Engineer

  • Lighting Designer

  • Stage Manager/Deck Manager

  • Digital Stage Manager

  • Platform Technician

  • Zoom Technician

  • Production Assistant

Specific Job Responsibilities

TBD, based on role specifics.

Ideal Skills & Experience

  • A wide range of event or theatrical experience and knowledge of technical terminology for both in-person and virtual events

  • Calmness under pressure and adaptability

  • Problem solving mindset

  • Professional communication and responsiveness

  • Affability and experience working with technical teams

  • Ability to communicate effectively with clients, technical subcontractors, and any other person involved in the event.

  • Ability to provide white glove service to clientele

  • [Remote] Access to a fast, reliable, hardlined internet connection

To Apply

Join our team of Freelancers by by filling out our freelance questionnaire.

About Architex

Architex Mission Statement:
As a preeminent event production firm, we prioritize the people at the heart of organizations and communities. We utilize collaborative design processes and cutting-edge technology to amplify our clients’ messages. By translating creative vision into technical execution, we curate experiences where innovation meets purpose. We produce events. For good.

Architex is a technical design and management company. Our involvement is flexible and ranges from full-scale scale production, from designing and producing every technical aspect of the program to smaller, ad hoc assistance where only one of our many offerings is needed. Between managing a team of contractors, vendors, and talent and our own staff with unmatched technical acumen, we create and execute cohesive event plans. Internally, we have a team of production managers with extensive experience in the government sector, corporate events, entertainment, theater and non-profit work. We are pleased to take on any project in with creative budgeting solutions in mind; no proposal is too large or too small for us to consider.

Furthermore, the ongoing technical and managerial education of our internal staff - in concert with their practical expertise - puts our team at an advantage. We are constantly exploring, learning about, and investing in new technologies to be on the forefront of digital and hybrid event production. We employ a pantheon of skilled designers in scenic, lighting, graphics, audio, and video. In addition to our strong internal team, we would be remiss not to mention our unparalleled pool of freelancers; we work collaboratively with other teams to make the vision of the event a reality. While we price competitively, we are not competitively minded- we’ll work together with whoever is best for the job to create the best possible experience.

With a focus on pre-production and information dissemination, we craft a comprehensive packet of information from the start that all crew, staff, and leadership can reference throughout the process (in pre-production and on-site), that will both keep the project on course and all teams involved apprised of every detail along the way. Where many production teams arrive with gear on the truck and assemble the plan late in the game (or sometimes even while building the plan on-site), we prioritize thorough pre-production communication with all parties involved, paired with clear written directives for all team members, bringing all parties together as a unified team.

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, our team is passionate about putting our skills to work by prioritizing the ***people*** at the heart of organizations and customizing our work to fit our clients’ ever changing, unique needs. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all model and therefore target technology to what best suits clients and will most effectively amplify their messaging. We efficiently translate your creative vision via our expert, technical execution. With authenticity and empathy at the heart of what we do, we produce events. For good.

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