Taking your event virtual?

Keep engagement and quality high.


Whether you're considering virtual events to meet changing budgets 
or to adapt to fast evolving global health challenges, 
you still want the same high-caliber shows 
to drive enthusiastic speakers and engaged attendees. 


At ArchiteX, we've been honing virtual event operations to bring you the
high end product you're used to delivering. 
We tie in location shoots, remote call-ins and a 
fully integrated technical team to call and operate your show
in any business climate. 

With VOIP behind-the-scenes communication between operators 
and state of the art remote video switching capability, 
we can help you create a studio broadcast to showcase your message. 
Lower thirds titles, panels in PIP windows, live audience Q&A,
all to a cued program. 


Replicate and enhance the elements that make live events successful
and don't miss a beat in your 2020 event plans.
Even with VR trade show floors, auditoriums, and breakout rooms:
Let us open the virtual doors of possibility for you.


Schedule some time to brainstorm with us. 
There are lots of possibilities. 
Let's figure out which is right for you.