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Greg Cornell

Greg first became involved in the technical management of live events in 2008, and quickly began managing various technical elements of high-profile shows all over the world.  He has dedicated himself to increasing quality and value for his customers by creating proprietary systems, air-tight planning and communications frameworks, and employing a roster of industry leaders to ensure the highest quality execution.


When he takes off the headset, Greg spends his free time mostly in the woods; backpacking, biking, or kayaking.

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Aaron Seigel

Aaron is a seasoned business professional with a decade of experience working in both large corporate and intimate startup environments. Aaron holds a degree in business administration with a double specialization in finance and accounting, and has deep expertise in employee behavioral analytics, cultural transformation, and workload optimization. Aaron is a Tableau Certified Associate and loves applying data visualization and analysis to questions of business strategy.

In his free time Aaron can be found exploring the outdoors or playing one of his steadily growing collection of guitars.


Jackie Mullen

Jackie is a theatrical production manager and AEA stage manager with an MFA in stage management from UCSD and a background in audio engineering. She switched over from Broadway and national dance touring to events in 2018 and has managed large scale conferences, galas, weddings and virtual events. Since the pandemic of 2020, her focus has shifted to providing adaptive leadership for digital events for good- working with interfaith groups, political organizations, charities, schools and other groups to create remarkable and impactful events to further their causes in the digital space.

She spends her time away from the computer painting and playing with her cat Pan, who makes frequent Zoom appearances.


David Anderson

David has been working in technical production since 2013. Having worked in varied roles throughout the industry, he leverages his wide-ranging knowledge to build robust designs for each individual client. A BA in Philosophy from American University, he believes in a wholistic approach to technical management and design that is driven by a deep understanding of each client's needs. David leverages the latest technology to enable his clients to effectively deliver content and drive meaningful engagement with their audiences.

When he is away from his desk, David can be found immersed in a good book, out on the trail, or in his kitchen cooking.


Samy Verdekal

Samy is a 20+ year Meeting & Event industry veteran with experience in all facets of meeting planning with both live events and virtual meetings. She has specialized expertise in event technology platforms; and is Cvent certified in a variety of programs. Samy believes that beyond merely gathering and educating, meetings and events are an emotional journey that begins long before the actual program operation. She works to capture the hearts and minds of clients and their attendees ‐ reaching them on an emotional level in turn helping to deliver incredible impact and lasting results with networking interactions and cutting-edge technology.

When Samy is not immersed in event technology she can be found golfing, playing tennis, or just hanging out with her dogs; as well as her niece and nephew.

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JP Ferrell

JP has worked in production management and technical direction for both concerts and events since 2013. Recently he has been brought on as production manager for several music venues in the Washington, DC area, while also working with ArchiteX utilizing his expertise in multiple aspects of production to help see all events through to the last cue.

JP's downtime doesn't stray too far from his desk where he mostly enjoys producing music and playing drums with various bands. 

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