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Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson (she/her/SJ) is a highly accomplished and multi-talented media professional with 25 years of industry experience, including an esteemed 17-year career at The Walt Disney Company. Recognized for her creative and detailed directing and captivating storytelling with ESPN’s Studio Directing, espnW, the distinguished ESPN Features Unit, and National Geographic, she has earned prestigious accolades for her contributions to the industry, including two Emmy Awards, six Tellys, and a Peabody, among others. 

Known for her ability to manage high-profile talent and complex production teams, SJ is a content strategist with a creative affinity for producing exceptional content through hard work and humor. She is equal parts director and producer, creative and calculated. As Founder + CEO of August Morning Media, SJ is dedicated to production excellence and craft storytelling for clients including ESPN, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Twitch, X Games, National Geographic, and Summit Series. 

SJ is an LGBTQ+ consultant and advocate who makes a profound impact in shaping authentic, respectful, and culturally relevant original content. She is devoted to the development, empowerment, and advancement of women, queer, and BIPOC folks in production and is a dedicated voice for the LGBTQIA+ movement in all areas of diversity, social justice, and equity. Sara attended NYU.

Sara Johnson
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