We utilize the Discovery Phase as a way to understand how we can best develop and deliver the project scope without over-staffing. While crafting the vision for your event, we work with you to find the right balance between efficiency and production value, and below you’ll find the building blocks behind our process to bring transparency to our pricing. Final invoices will always be modified to reflect actual hours worked.

Note: On show days, all booked roles are subject to 10 hour minimums for the day and are subject to overtime rates if needed.

Other potential costs

  • Video switcher(s)

  • Closed Captioning services

  • Additional A/V elements for an in-person portion of the event or live studio

  • Platform costs (not usually billed through ArchiteX)

Role combination

There are many cases where roles are combined, so a single person can operate as two or more roles. Sometimes the opposite is true where roles need to be split amongst multiple people. For example, on a complex show you may need two graphics operators, one dedicated to titles and one managing slide decks. Regardless, this definition and assignment of responsibilities allows us to systematize our work, bringing you the best possible product while approaching each project with an attempt to be as efficient as possible.