Technical Production Manager

Remote & Onsite, Ideally DC Based

Time Period

January 2023

Time Commitment

Full time role, exact schedule will vary


Base: $65k-$75k
+Plus overtime
+Plus benefits

About the Role

The technical production manager will work closely with our core team, working under the Technical Director, on remote, in-person, and hybrid events, assisting event producers, production managers and video directors in the lead up to and execution of events both digital and in-person throughout the country. The position is mostly remote, as there is no physical office for ArchiteX. Travel and onsite presence will be required on some events.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Assist the Technical director in the development of technical designs, routing, equipment lists, etc.

  • Assist the Technical director in the development of vendor RFPs and management of selected vendors

  • Program and operate vMix video switcher sessions for broadcast and hybrid events

  • Operate pre-record sessions and edit pre-recorded segments for broadcast and hybrid events

  • Fill other production show roles as needed, with commensurate hours and added compensation, including video direction, broadcast management, stage management, production management and others

  • Identify and troubleshoot issues in existing production workflows

  • Work with graphic designers to create broadcast design elements

Ideal Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years experience in live or virtual events, with a focus on design and implementation of audio, video, and lighting systems.

  • Video editing experience in Adobe Premiere

  • Graphic design experience in Adobe Photoshop

  • Experience operating vMix or other software based video switchers

  • Stage management experience preferred

  • Access to strong hardline internet connection

  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills

  • Strong management skills of onsite teams to implement production designs

  • Strong communication skills and experience working in client facing roles.

To Apply

Please send a quick introduction with your background and interest in the position to and fill out our freelance questionnaire.

Thank you for your time and interest,


About ArchiteX

ArchiteX is a mission-driven technical design and management production agency. We stay on the cutting edge of event technology for both digital and in-person events, and we specialize in virtual integration.

//We believe in creating community and event successes through unique and unifying experiences by utilizing operational and technical excellence.

ArchiteX is a technical design ***and*** management company. We can span the gamut of event involvement, from designing and producing every technical aspect of the program to managing a team of staff, contractors, vendors, and talent to create and execute a cohesive event plan. Internally, we have a team of production managers with extensive experience in government work, corporate events, entertainment, theater and non-profit work. We are constantly exploring, learning and investing in new technologies to be on the forefront of digital and hybrid event production. We employ a stable of skilled designers in scenic, lighting, graphics and video. In addition to our strong internal team, we are not in a silo - we work constantly with other teams to make the vision of the event a reality.

With a focus on pre-production and information dissemination, from the very beginning of the project we craft a comprehensive packet of information that all crew, staff, and leadership can reference throughout the process (in pre-production and on-site). We prioritize thorough pre-production communication with all parties involved, paired with clear written directives for all team members, bringing all parties together as a unified team.

Our team is passionate about putting our skills to work for ‘digital events for good’ - and so we prioritize working with nonprofits and mission-driven organizations by providing fair, transparent pricing and creative budgeting solutions for budgets of all sizes.