Many of us face the challenging of quickly pivoting our in-person events to online forums. Hosting a series of  High Holy Day services is challenging enough in a regular environment. Your congregation has likely figured out how to virtually host Shabbat services and you need to step up the professionalism slightly for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Don't worry, the added complexity of a larger virtual audience, smoother transitions, and other virtual elements can all be tackled with organization and planning. 


We can help brainstorm ways to creatively budget for an unplanned production like this. Partner with a sister synagogue and share the costs. Host this on a platform with a payment portal. Market to family members of your congregants or remote non-members.

With experience in various religious services, complex digitally-connected events, and detailed production implementation, you can maintain a high-quality program this New Year with the help of ArchiteX, Technical Design & Management.


Live or recorded

Whether on event day or weeks prior, we can send out video equipment to homes and/or synagogues to create a polished look and feel for your clergy on screen. Host all videos and feeds through one integrated virtual broadcast system.

Remote Choir Recording

Can't gather to record group singing? We can coordinate clips of individual choir or band members and edit them together to simulate a choir singing together. Please don't try un-muting everyone and singing through Zoom...

Broadcast Control

The visual identity of graphical and video elements is critical to any broadcast. Items like"program starting soon", names and title IDs, prayer book slides, and more can all be custom created and controlled for your ceremony.



Create the desired agenda.


Identify which sections can be pre-recorded and which should be live. (i.e. pre-recorded songs,  or the d'var Torah)


Choose the platform: Zoom, YouTube, your own website, an event series platorm, a custom webpage, etc.


We will establish technical requirements for each segment, and understand how they interface together. 


List and create graphics and video assets.


Test. Rehearse. Go Live! 


Learn more about our three phase process.

We are here for you. Let's get to work!